Company Profile

Hot Weld Pty Ltd is the brainchild of the energetic and determined Managing Director, Rick Casagrande. After completing an apprenticeship in Boiler making and Welding, Rick established the company in 2004 based on a strong work ethic with dedication to service and product quality.

On going Training and Development are encompassed in his work ethos and Rick has continued to grow the company from strength to strength to the solid, reputable business it is today.

Hot Weld Fabrication is located at 5 Munro Loop, Bunbury on 2024 sq m property and has a 1200 sq m workshop complete with a 5T overhead crane. The workshop is capable of 40 Ton output per month. Sandblasting and Surface Treatment Facilities have been added to the site to control the quality of the products in house and to ensure that projects are completed on time to a very high standard. Hot Weld Fabrication has been instrumental in the completion of numerous projects in the Commercial, Residential, Agriculture and Mining industries and also offers the convenience of On-Site Repairs, Maintenance and Installations with our fully equipped mobile workshops for any site work.

Hotweld Engineering is located at 59 Halifax Drive, Bunbury on 1948 sqm property with a 408 sqm workshop. The workshop specializes in aluminium and stainless steel fabrication and also the manufacturing of pressure equipment.